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Macht Kunst! Künstlerisches Chaos im Professorium

Entschuldigen Sie uns bitte Jackson Pollock, Max Ernst, und André Masson. Platz machen für uns! Macht Kunst is under way at the Professorium as the entire space has been transformed into a canvass and the creative self-expression has begun. Drip painting, reductionism, and abstract expressionism are some of the art forms that can be seen so far. Paint, oats, repurposed packaging, tape, sand, and glitter are just a few of the Medien. Community members and partnering organizations have contributed a glorious array of repurposed items, and the pool of materials is only growing more impressive. The space has continually evolved over the past two weeks and continues to develop. Participation is always open and wilkommen, so kommt vorbei!

von Mandy